Custom Lullabies

Going to a baby shower and want to give the best gift? Want to rock your baby to sleep to your favorite song? Or do you simply want to have a Sparrow Sleeps rendition of a song that you love?

We are now offering custom lullabies. Just let us know what song and artist you want us to turn into dream-fuel and we will craft a Sparrow Sleeps version of that song for you. 


$ 50.00

Custom Lullaby FAQ

How does this work?
As soon as we receive your request we start the process of obtaining a mechanical license for the song. This allows us to legally make a lullaby rendition of the song. At this time, Sparrow Sleeps pays royalties to the rights holder of the song. We then craft the lullaby using a combinations of tones that we think best translate your song to lullaby form such as flutes, clarinets, harps, pianos, glockenspiel, harpsichord, and various bells. The final lullaby is then delivered to your inbox as an MP3.
How long does it take to get my lullaby?
Most lullabies are delivered within 2 weeks. If we run into any issues obtaining the mechanical license or if we have a large queue of custom lullaby orders, it may extend the turnaround to 4 weeks.
What if I need my lullaby by a specific date?
If you need your lullaby by a specific date, be sure to contact us first. Rush delivery is available for an extra $10. We’re are happy to accommodate rush requests whenever we can.
What genres can you turn into a lullaby?
We specialize in pop/pop-punk/punk/rock/emo songs. We are not opposed to tackling hardcore and metal songs (as well as other genres), but some heavier songs tend to lack vocal melodies (screaming) at times and will be subject to some interpretation on our end. If the vocals don’t have a pitch, we will do our best to make the vocal melody sound pretty.
How long can the original song be?
Please keep requested songs under 5 minutes. If requested song is over 5 minutes, please contact us first. (Obviously Alice’s Restaurant is out of the question)
Who owns the finished lullaby?
The recording remains property of Sparrow Sleeps LLC and cannot be resold or distributed by another party. Sparrow Sleeps reserves the right to resell the lullaby after 6 months of the date of the request. The right to resell allows us to keep the price of custom lullabies lower.