Help Us Back The Spill Canvas Recovery Fund

Posted by Peter Lockhart on

While at the Orlando stop of their tour with Motion City Soundtrack, The Spill Canvas hit a stroke of bad luck; some immoral people broke into their trailer and stole all of their equipment.

The downside to that is in every city there are a few unsavory individuals who know just how to turn things upside down in a negative way. Unfortunately in Orlando, those people found us. We awoke from our hotel to find the lock on our trailer cut and a mass of musical gear was stolen- Around $20,000 worth.  Needless to say we are pretty shocked and devastated.

Like most responsible musicians, we reported the incident to the police. We were banking on insurance to cover the loss but due to special circumstances our claim was denied. Something that's supposed to be there for us as, a fail safe, in times of need has...well, failed us.

Although it's unfortunate that the band has had to deal with this at all, they have had a great outpour of support from fans through their GoFundMe page. One mission that Casey and I discussed when we relaunched the Sparrow Sleeps this year, was to use our store to be able to help support that bands that have inspired us to do what we do when they hit a hard patch. With that said...

ALL proceeds from sales on any album or single on will go straight to The Spill Canvas from now through the end of the weekend (midnight on 7/26/15). 

Anything will help, so if you have a few extra bucks to support them, go pick up some lullabies. You can also support the guys by donating on their GoFundMe page.