About Us

Simply put, Sparrow Sleeps crafts lullaby renditions of your favorite songs. The Sparrow Sleeps team is two midwestern guys with pop-punk fueled hearts and a shared passion for creating businesses around the things they love to do.

The two met sometime around 2008 through mutual friends in the Indianapolis music scene. Years later Casey, somewhat accidentally, started Sparrow Sleeps shortly after his daughter Sparrow was born. He created a handful of lullabies for Sparrow and also shared them with the Internet. Sparrow Sleeps was born. Around the same time, the guys were collaborating on promo materials for Casey's other company and they began talks of working on Sparrow Sleeps together as well. Fast forward to the end of 2014 and it was official; the duo decided to bring Sparrow Sleeps to the masses. 


    • Casey Cole Composer
    • Casey is a 30-year-old dad from Indiana. He is a ukulele aficionado, amateur tennis player, and one-time freestyle bearding champion.

      Casey is responsible for the dream-fuel lullabies you hear throughout the site. He also does a lot of artist outreach when we start on a new release. We try our best to reach out to every artist we cover and Casey is the man making the connections and making sure artists get their royalties. 


    • Peter Lockhart  Designer
    • Peter is a 29-year-old amateur dog whisper also from the hoosier state. He spends his days designing web apps for his other company Foxio and his nights designing punk-rock lullaby covers. 

      He has been known to convince Casey that he knows more than what he really does about video editing (fake it 'till you make it). He's also the man flexing his nerd muscles while coding up the sparrowsleeps.com site.

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