Bayside - Calm



10 Songs • 54 min 50 sec

Bayside - Calm

Bayside Calm

Lullaby covers of your favorite Bayside songs.

"I think it's a really cool selection for a Bayside fan," says Raneri. "There is an interesting mix of singles and deep cuts. I was pretty surprised by some of their choices when I saw them."
-Anthony Raneri, Bayside

“I'm especially impressed that they are able to keep the special elements of a song in tact while obviously changing how it sounds so drastically,” he tells AP via email. “Some of the Bayside songs they did are real dark, and I think it's cool that they maintained the vibes. Kids shows, music and clothing can be pretty unbearable. Things like Sparrow Sleeps are great because it gives us something that is mutually enjoyable to have with our young children.”
-Anthony Raneri, Bayside

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Released December 30, 2015  (SS-022)
Artwork Acknowledgement
Calm cover art inspired by the original artwork for Bayside's Cult. Illustration and layout by Aaron Scamihorn and Art Direction by Nick Ghanbarian.
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