The Illusion of Sleep


The Illusion of Sleep

10 Songs • 41 min 11 sec

The Illusion of Sleep

Thrice The Illusion of Sleep

The Illusion of Sleep is a collection of lullaby covers of Thrice.

"My wife and I made a pretty conscious effort to expose our kids to good music from the get-go and they're just getting around the age(s) where we're really starting to see that early exposure pay off. I'm psyched to hear our tunes transformed into these lullabies and to think that these might contribute in some way to other childrens' musical (and otherwise) development! Or at the very least, help weary parents get some rest..."
- Teppei Teranishi, Thrice

The Illusion of Sleep cover art inspired by the original artwork for Thrice's The Illusion of Safety: Graphic Design and photography by Rian Murnen

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Released April 15, 2015  (SS-011)
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